How To Land Sponsorships With A Great Proposal

Sponsorships are a key source of income for many vloggers, but waiting for companies to reach out to you can be difficult. However, you can make the first move with a sponsorship proposal. By writing a few short paragraphs, you’ll be equipped to reach out to brands you love for the deal of a lifetime.

Here’s how to land sponsorships with a great proposal.

1. Introduce your channel and your brand right off the bat.

Before making brand deals, you should be familiar with your own channel brand first. What do people associate you with on the internet? How do your fans describe you? What kind of people are you reaching? These are all things that potential sponsors want to know.

Address their most important questions early on by describing your content and your channel brand in the opening paragraph of your proposal. You can also relate your branding to theirs.

This video will teach you more about creating a channel brand.

2. Highlight what you bring to the table.

What has made your previous sponsorships successful? Do your sponsored videos get a lot of views? Did the companies experience a significant sales boost after your video? Did you get a lot of your viewers to follow the brand on social media?

Outline the success of your previous sponsorships in your proposal. If you haven’t made any sponsored videos get, you can talk about your views and merch sales instead.

You should also determine your rates and describe your idea for a sponsored video.

3. Make it personal.

Sponsorship proposals will not be one-size-fits-all. Rather, you’ll need to research each company you plan to reach out to and tailor a proposal to suit each one.

Talk about why you love the brand or how you use their products in your daily life. Discuss why your audience would love that brand in particular.

Check out this video for more on sponsorship success.

Your dream sponsorship starts with a great proposal. Follow these tips to write a sponsorship proposal to fit your needs.

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