How To Promote Your YouTube Channel With A Twitter Chat

Twitter is one of fans’ favorite places to connect with both each other and their favorite creators. Interacting with your audience on social media boost their loyalty to your content as well. You can make the most of social media interaction by hosting a Twitter chat for your fans.

Here’s how to promote your YouTube channel with a Twitter chat.

1. Schedule a date and time.

Before you can start promoting your Twitter chat, you’ll need to give your followers time to put it on their schedules. Choose a date and time for your chat at least a week in advance.

Make sure to choose a time that works well for the majority of your audience. For example, if your subscribers are mostly school-aged, then noon on a weekday certainly won’t work for them. However, a Saturday afternoon would be perfect.

2. Create a unique hashtag.

You’ll want to consolidate all of the chat-related tweets with a specific hashtag. Give your followers a unique hashtag to use so that you can find their tweets and they can find each others’.

Check out this video on getting your hashtag to trend.

3. Answer as many fan questions as you can.

When it comes time for your Twitter chat, it may be tempting to read everything your followers are saying. However, what’s most important about this chat is your interaction with them. You can always go back and read posts from the hashtag later, but during the scheduled chat time, try to reply to as many tweets as you possibly can.

You can even turn some of the questions you didn’t get to into a video!

Twitter chats are great for promoting your channel, and you get to have fun with your followers. Be sure to schedule a date and time, create a unique hashtag, and answer as many tweets as you can.

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