How To Grow Your Online Audience With A Podcast

Podcasts are booming in popularity. Listeners all across the globe are tuning in from Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud. Many major content creators have jumped on the bandwagon with popular podcasts of their own, which in turn grows their audiences even more.

Here’s how to grow your online audience with a podcast.

1. Choose a genre similar to your YouTube content.

All of your viewers have similar interests, so you should strive to reach the same kind of listeners as well. By choosing a podcast genre similar to your YouTube content, you can more easily convert subscribers to listeners and listeners to subscribers.

Shane Dawson pushes the boundaries with his videos, so it was only fitting that his podcast do the same.

2. Consider collaborating with a co-host.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. If you don’t have a lot of guests on the books, then adding a co-host to your team could be good for your podcast. Rather than talking to yourself, recording each episode will feel more like a conversation between friends.

Popular vlogger Jenna Marbles created a podcast with her boyfriend Julien Solomita.

3. Book guests and outline your topics.

Next, it’s time to get planning. Reach out to potential guests for your podcast, such as vlogger friends or experts on your topic. Schedule a time to interview them.

You can schedule your guests around the topics you plan to discuss on your podcast. Creating an outline of each episode will help guide your recording session and make sure you stay on track.

Grace Helbig interviews everyone from fellow YouTubers to television stars on her podcast Not Too Deep.

4. Distribute your podcast on a platform you can monetize.

Once you’ve recorded the first episode of your podcast, you can decide where to distribute it. By publishing on a platform you can monetize, you’ll be able to use your podcast as an extra source of income as well.

Check out this video on how to distribute your podcast worldwide.

5. Promote your podcast on your YouTube channel.

The last step is to promote your podcast. Make the announcement in a YouTube video and encourage your viewers to share it with their friends. You can also include the link to your podcast in the descriptions of future videos.

Natalies Outlet slipped her podcast announcement into a funny prank wars video.

Starting a podcast is a fun and easy way to grow your online audience. Be sure to talk about your YouTube channel on the podcast in order to turn your new listeners into subscribers.

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