5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated To Create Content

Like anyone who’s self-employed, vloggers are solely responsible for making sure their work is done on time. You don’t have a boss setting deadlines for you. There are no coworkers reminding you to film today. In order for your videos to be uploaded on time, you have to be entirely self-motivated.

Here are five ways to keep yourself motivated to create content.

1. Set specific goals for your channel growth.

As the saying goes, a dream written down becomes a goal. Replace the ideal image of your channel you have in your head with three to five goals for channel growth.

Write them down. Keep them extremely specific. For example, you should write “gain ten percent more subscribers in three months” instead of “get more subscribers.”

This video will inspire you to set effective goals.

2. Establish a day-by-day schedule.

Next, break down the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Arrange them into a day-by-day schedule. Use a calendar or a day planner to keep them organized.

For example, if your goal is to gain ten percent more subscribers in three months, you may decide to upload three videos a week instead of one. To achieve this goal, you would plan out the videos you wanted to create for the next few weeks and decide exactly what days to film, edit, and upload.

Watch this vlogger break down how she schedules and uploads her own videos.

3. Work in a different style of video.

If you’re feeling unmotivated to create the same kind of content, allow yourself a little room for experimentation. Take a break from your typical content style and try something new.

Start small. Don’t jump from creating beauty tutorials to becoming a baking channel overnight. Instead, work in more of the content you want to try slowly. Allow for viewer feedback.

For a long time, vlogger Carrie Dayton created mainly storytimes and clothing hauls. However, she found that what she really enjoyed creating was her “big sis advice” videos. So, Carrie decided to end her storytime videos with a word of sisterly advice for her young audience.

4. Remove the distractions from your filming space.

When it’s time to film a video, turn off your phone. If you’re the only one on camera, ask anyone else to leave the room. Let your pet play in a different room for a while. Removing anything with the potential to distract you will help you stay on task.

Better yet, establish a specific filming location. It can be against a certain wall in your house, on your bed, etc. When you set up this space, go ahead and remove any potential distractions. Take out alarm clocks, TV remotes, and anything else that may keep you from your work.

5. Spend some time thinking about why you started YouTube in the first place.

Finally, motivation comes down to remembering why you’re doing the work you’re doing. What inspired you to start a YouTube channel? Write it out or just talk about it with a friend.

Then, think about how you can create a video that reminds you why you started YouTube. React to one of your favorite vloggers’ first videos. Film something you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Go back to your roots and create a video similar to the kind you originally uploaded.

As a vlogger, it’s important to keep yourself motivated. Follow these tips to keep creating the best content you can.

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