How To Develop A Social Media Marketing Plan For Your Next Video

A vlogger uploading a new video is a lot like a company launching a new product. In the digital age, many brands use social media marketing to promote their new products. You can promote your videos with a social media marketing plan of your own.

Here’s how to develop a social media marketing plan for your next video.

1. Choose a few specific keywords for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what gets your videos to the top of the search results. Most SEO success is based on the use of keywords, which search engines look for in order to give users the most relevant results.

For every video, decide on a few specific keywords. Use these terms in the title and description when you upload the video to YouTube. However, you should also use your keywords in any social media posts related to the video.

2. Set a premiere date.

Whenever a brand launches a new product, they often announce what day it will be available to buy. This strategy builds anticipation in the brand’s online following. Setting a premiere date for your video works in the same way.

Premiere dates work especially well for major projects, such as a music video or a short film. For example, vlogger Gabbie Hanna is building up anticipation for her upcoming single “Monster” with unique artwork like this.

3. Determine which social media platform gives you the most engagement.

Outside of YouTube, where is your biggest audience? Do you get more views on your Instagram story or your Snapchat story? Do you get more likes on Twitter or Facebook? Your answers to these questions will help you determine which social media platform gives you the most engagement.

Focus your social media promotion on the platforms your fans are the most active on. Share video snippets, teaser images, and, of course, your premiere date with your most active followers.

Now that you know where and when you’re promoting your video, focus on creating something for your viewers to get excited about. Once it’s uploaded, shift your focus to engaging with the followers who share your video.

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