How This Video Got To #4 On Trending

YouTuber Jacksfilms has a bone to pick with The Emoji Movie. Ever since the trailer dropped, he hasn’t stopped talking about it on his channel. All of Jack’s jokes caught the attention of the movie’s promoters, and he was invited to the world premiere.

Jack shared his journey with The Emoji Movie in a new video that got to #4 on YouTube’s trending page. Here’s how.

1. It’s relevant to what’s currently going on in pop culture.

The Emoji Movie was designed to be the big kids’ summer movie of 2017. However, its frankly ridiculous premise led to a lot of ridicule online. Now, thanks to plenty of heavy promotion, The Emoji Movie seems to be everywhere, and plenty of YouTubers are getting in on the fun.

2. His past videos have been building up to this moment.

Jack’s fascination with The Emoji Movie began when he dropped a very thorough analysis of the film’s trailer. Since then, he’s made several videos poking fun at the kids’ movie. Viewers have been waiting for the moment the movie finally came out so that they could see Jack’s reaction.

3. It followed up on a previously trending video.

Just last week, Jack found himself on YouTube’s trending page with the announcement that Sony Animation had invited him to the world premiere of The Emoji Movie. He shared his sardonic surprise with an unboxing video of the package that the production company sent him to celebrate.

Jacksfilms got trending by poking fun at what was trendy. He kept his viewers waiting for the big moment that he finally saw The Emoji Movie, and they rewarded him with millions of views.

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