4 Videos Ideas You Can Use To Get Trending

Just like with a hit song, many vloggers gain more popularity when they have a video that climbs the charts. On YouTube, that chart is known as the trending tab, and the videos that climb that ladder often get millions of views within a matter of hours.

Here are four video ideas, taken straight from the trending page, for you to replicate.

1. Piece together a list of mind-blowing facts.

In a world where Buzzfeed is one of the most popular places for online entertainment, “listicles” are a great way to bait an audience. Rather than making them read a long list of interesting facts, however, you can do a little research yourself so that your viewers simply get to sit back and listen.

This video of fifty amazing facts got more than a quarter million views in twelve hours.

2. Invent your own crazy challenge.

From the cinnamon challenge that first took YouTube by storm to last year’s thousand-degrees knife challenge, vloggers have learned that viewers can’t look away from a crazy dare. With the proper safety measures in place, anyone with enough bravery and an outside-of-the-box idea can start the next viral trend.

This cookie eating challenge got more than a million views in a day.

3. Be the first to try a new beauty trick or life hack.

Many internet users are constantly looking for the easy way out. That’s where the popularity of life hacks comes in handy. Share your favorite unknown trick for getting something done in a simpler (or just cooler) way to get viewers sharing your video across social media.

This makeup vlogger’s beauty hack got to #12 on the trending tab.

4. Jump in on the latest trends.

You’ve probably heard the old adage about striking while the iron’s hot. Well, as a vlogger, you should be filming while the trend is hot. This means that, when you see that a certain kind of video is getting a lot of views, then you should probably try your hand at it, too.

Fidget spinners are all the rage this summer, and iJustine started trending when she made a fidget spinner cake.

The trending tab is like the Billboard charts for vloggers. Once you create a video that gets trending, you’re destined for YouTube fame.

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