How This Vlogger Turned Her Channel Into A Successful Business

For many makeup lovers, YouTube is the best place to go for tips, tricks, and tutorials. This has led to the development of a strong beauty community on YouTube, and dozens upon dozens of people vlog about their makeup routines every single day.

English beauty lover Tanya Burr turned her passion for makeup into a successful channel. She has 3.6 million subscribers. Here’s how she turned her successful channel into a business.

1. She studied the art of makeup before making it her career.

Before Tanya was a professional beauty vlogger, she was a high school student working at a beauty counter. Tanya took a short course in makeup while she was in school, which led to her beauty counter job at the department store Jarrolds’.

She started her channel in 2009 by recreating celebrity makeup looks on camera.

2. She branched out into the business of cosmetics once her channel was successful.

Once she made a name for herself in the beauty community, Tanya decided to launch her own line of products. Tanya Burr Cosmetics has become a popular brand on its own, with many smaller beauty channels using and reviewing her products.

3. She turned her expertise into a book.

Even after making lots of videos and launching a successful beauty line, Tanya still had more to share with her fellow beauty lovers. In 2015, she released a book called Love, Tanya, which served as both an autobiography and a beauty guidebook.

Tanya Burr went from vlogger to businesswoman by figuring out how to make money in the same industry that her channel supported.

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