How To Protect Your Internet Presence

The internet is home to some not-so-nice people who want to hijack your identity for their benefit and your loss. Secure your band identity, your art, and ensure that no one rips off your musical story and your wallet with these steps:

1) Reclaim your tracks on Last.FM, the website dedicated to introducing music lovers to new music. Taking ownership of your tracks is important because very 1,000 plays nets you fifty cents! If your music is already up just create an account and in the “Music Manager” section add your tracks to your account. If it’s not up, simply upload the tracks and they’ll be yours.

2) Keep your Wikipedia, AllMusic, and Last.FM artist profiles updated so fans and the press can stay in the loop. Updating these accounts stops the bad guys from tinkering with your history, and prevents future legal trouble and bad press.

*Note: Wikipedia articles must be written by unbiased sources so make sure someone unaffiliated with your band authors your page.

3) Submit new albums to Gracenote, the company that manages the Compact Disc Database and provides album data to services like iTunes. This gives you creative control by ensuring your album and song titles are exactly how you intend when fans download them.

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