3 Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram

Most people observe cultural happenings and shape their artistic tastes as they browse websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, PitchFork, and YouTube. Check out these quick strategies to start promoting on Instagram.

1) Emphasize creativity and substance when you post on Instagram. Share pics of sunsets, instruments, stages, faces, broken instruments, houses, food – anything remotely interesting. Give your fans working 9-5 something awesome to look at next time they refresh Instagram.

2) Use lots of #hashtags. Hashtags are vital because when photo descriptions include hashtags, those pics are immediately grouped with all photos with the same hashtag. This means anyone can peep your page out when they check out any hashtags you’ve used.

3) Create photo and video series campaigns. If you’re working on a new song, create a series of the recording process so fans can watch the progress and get an inside scoop.

Instagram is an intriguing service for anyone and everyone who likes to share photos and keep up with friends and their interests. If you want people to discover your music and see your creative, fun side, get to using these Instagram tactics today.

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