If You Want To Win A Streamy, Read This

If you’ve been on YouTube for any amount of time, then you’ve probably heard of the Streamys, one of the major awards shows for online creators. Maybe a few creators you look up to have asked their fans to vote for them, or maybe you’ve even dreamed about winning one yourself. The submission fee was waived for the tenth anniversary, but submissions are open to all creators every season.

To submit your own work to the Streamys, follow the steps below.

1. Choose the proper awards section to enter.

On the Streamy Awards submissions page, there are three distinct categories you can enter depending on the kind of content you create. Two of the categories are more geared towards companies and organizations. The Brand Awards are designed for brand advertisers, and the Social Good Awards are made for those who use their work to make a meaningful impact.

As a creator, however, you should choose the Streamy Awards category, which is designed to recognize online creators. This category celebrates the work online creators put out the same way the Oscars celebrate the work of actors or the Grammys celebrate the work of musicians. Therefore, your YouTube videos will best fit in this category.

2. Determine which awards you want to submit your work to.

On the submissions page, you can find a full list of awards under the “Streamy Awards” heading. The page is then further broken down into categories, including overall awards, individual awards, show awards, subject awards, and craft awards. You can select each category heading to find out more about the specific awards organized under each.

Take your time exploring the different awards and reading their descriptions. Determine which categories best suit your work, then make a list of all the awards you feel your work could fit into. Finally, narrow that list down to the specific awards you believe you’d have the best chance at winning.

3. Put your best work forward.

When you’re ready to submit, don’t just enter your most recent videos. Rather, go through all of your uploads for the year and choose the ones that are the strongest. Go for the videos you’re the most proud of and the ones your viewers gave you the most positive feedback on.

Additionally, check the submission guidelines to make sure the videos you want to enter are eligible. Ensure your videos premiered during the eligibility period, and check that they don’t fall into one of the ineligible categories. You can find the full submission guidelines here.

4. Gather all the information you need to submit.

To submit your work to the Streamys, you need more than a video link. Most importantly, you’ll need to include your contact information. You must provide the names and contact information of anyone else involved with the production of each video you’re entering as well.

You can link to your channel or website. You’ll also need to write a brief description of the work you’re entering. The final thing you’ll need is a picture that the Streamys can use for marketing purposes if you receive a nomination. Depending on the category you enter, you might use a picture of yourself, a cast photo, or your channel logo.

Once you have all your submission materials ready, enter as soon as you can. However, if you miss the fall deadline, then you can focus on creating content with the Streamy Awards in mind for next year.

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