How To Turn Your TikTok Followers Into YouTube Subscribers

YouTube has been the premier platform for online video for over a decade. However, in the last few years, TikTok has been rising in popularity. The app’s continual stream of short videos appeals to a lot of people, especially younger users. Consequently, a lot of YouTubers have begun using TikTok to grow their online audiences. While the app makes growing an audience relatively easy, it doesn’t enable creators to monetize their content. So, if a creator wants to turn their high number of TikTok views into ad revenue, then their best bet is to redirect that audience to their monetized YouTube channel.

Here’s how to turn your TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers.

Create short-form content in the same niche as your YouTube videos.

Choosing a content niche to focus on has helped countless YouTubers build substantial, dependable viewerships. These viewers watch upload after upload because every new video aligns with their specific interests. Newer subscribers will go back and watch a niche creator’s old content as well. It’s like finding a show you like on Netflix and binging all the available episodes until you’re caught up with the season that’s currently airing on network TV.

Like YouTube, TikTok is made up of a lot of different communities. To find viewers who will enjoy your entire catalogue of content, you should use TikTok to create short-form content that’s in the same niche as your YouTube videos. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, then you might use TikTok to share quick makeup tips or to show off an artistic look you’re proud of.

Post TikTok trailers for your YouTube uploads.

While a lot of TikToks are shot and edited within the app, the platform also allows you to upload video files from your phone. So, you can recycle clips from your YouTube videos into TikToks. Transfer the clips you want to use from your computer to your phone, then edit them within the app.

You can use this method to create TikTok trailers for your upcoming YouTube videos. Splice together funny comments, shocking moments, or any other parts of the video that will pique viewers’ interest. Be sure to mention your channel name in the end so they know where to find the full-length version.

Feature fan-made TikTok duets in your YouTube videos.

TikTok has a collaborative feature called duets that enables creators to repurpose another user’s upload in a split-screen video. It’s handy for creating reaction videos, adding onto a joke, or contributing additional information. Duets are basically the comments section in video form.

TikTok duets are also great for featuring fans in your YouTube videos. You can react to the duets they’ve made with your TikToks, or you can duet with the TikToks your followers have made. You might even ask your followers to create duets with a specific TikTok to be featured in a YouTube video.

Featuring fans in videos can drive traffic to your channel because your followers will want to see if they were chosen. It also helps build the community around your channel by increasing your audience engagement. So, to get started creating TikTok duets with your fans, follow the tutorial below.

Focus on brand recognition.

To increase brand recognition, make your TikTok display name the same as the one on your YouTube channel. Even if your account names are different, viewers will recognize you by the display names you set. However, you should also try to make your account names as close as possible.

Additionally, mention your channel in the outros of several TikToks you post throughout the week to encourage more of your followers to go subscribe. You should also include the name of your YouTube channel in your TikTok bio. You can make it a hashtag in your TikTok descriptions as well.

To turn your TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers, concentrate on growing a following that’s similar to your subscriber base. Then, engage with them and share video trailers to drive traffic to your new uploads.

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