If You Want To Get On The YouTube Trending Page, Read This

The YouTube trending page is where all the highest-performing videos of the day rank. A lot of viewers also use the trending page to discover new content and channels. For many creators, getting on the trending page would be a dream-come-true.

Here are a few strategies that can help you get on the trending page.

Build a consistent upload schedule.

There’s a reason you tend to see the same creators on the trending page over and over. Consistency is one of the key factors the YouTube algorithm looks at when deciding which videos to promote. This consistency comes from a channel’s upload schedule.

Basically, you want to be as rigid with your upload schedule as possible. Upload your videos not only on the same day every week, but also at the same time of day. Scheduling your uploads in advance will make this easier.

Create longer videos.

The length of your videos is another important factor the algorithm considers. Longer content trends to perform better on the platform than shorter videos do. Therefore, you should try to make each video at least ten minutes long.

However, you shouldn’t make a video so long that it feels forced. Find the natural ending point as you’re editing. If a video ends up being too short, then you might fuse it with another video. For example, if your original video is a product review, then you might review another similar product or two in the second half of the video.

Focus on making engaging thumbnails and titles.

In order to trend, your video needs to entice as many viewers to click on it as possible. Your title and thumbnail are just as important as your video concept, if not more. Think of them as the packaging for a product you’re trying to sell.

Start with an eye-catching thumbnail. Be bold and expressive, and make use of text. Then, frame it with a short but SEO-friendly title. Include popular keywords related to your video idea. For example, “Trying Viral TikTok Makeup” would be a more effective title than “I Reviewed Three New Popular Beauty Products, And Here’s How It Went.”

Be timely and unique.

Finally, the most important factor in getting a video to trend is what it has to say. In order to get popular enough to reach the trending page, your video has to resonate with people in some way. Oftentimes, trending videos feature either a unique idea or timely commentary.

When brainstorming ideas, ask yourself what would make a viewer want to click on your video instead of someone else’s. Think outside of the box. If you can search your video idea on YouTube and find pages of similar videos, then it probably won’t trend.

Overall, in order to reach the trending page, your video idea should be innovative. However, you can set yourself up for success with a consistent upload schedule and longer videos.

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