Simple Habits That Will Make Every Creator’s Life Easier

As a content creator, you have a lot on your plate. Managing all of your responsibilities can be a challenge, so it’s important to save time wherever you can. There are certain habits you can develop that will improve your efficiency.

Here are a few simple habits that will make every creator’s life easier.

Always charge your camera battery right after filming.

A dead camera battery can throw a wrench in even the most perfectly planned filming schedule. Even worse, if your battery dies in the middle of filming and you don’t realize it, then you’ll only waste more time. Waiting for it to charge will throw off the rest of your schedule.

Therefore, you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches by charging your camera battery immediately after filming. It’s good to keep a spare battery charged, but, depending on the length of your video, the spare could die, too. Besides, starting with a fully charged battery will reduce the likelihood of you having to stop filming to change the battery midway through.

Label and organize your video files by project and date.

Trying to find the right clip can take up a lot of time while you’re editing, especially if you’ve filmed a lot of takes. Therefore, you should develop an organization system for your files. Labelling them is the best way to start.

For each file you have, start the label with the title of your project. You can use a shortened version of the video’s title. So, for example, if you were working on a video called “I Tried 10 Popular TikTok Recipes,” then your label might start with “Recipes.” Next, add any identifying details. So, your label would be “Recipes Intro.” Finally, add the date you filmed. So, your final label would be “Recipes Intro 1-1-21.”

Utilize a social media post scheduler.

As a content creator, you’re also a social media influencer. Therefore, you need to be creating content for social media outside of YouTube. However, creating new content for multiple platforms several times a day can be overwhelming.

You should create a content schedule then utilize a social media post scheduler to publish your content for you. So, you could set up your sponsored Instagram posts, tweets about your upcoming collab, etc. in advance. The video below can help you get started.

If you want to be a successful content creator, time management is key. Develop these habits to improve your efficiency and make your job a little easier.

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