How To Decide If Daily Uploads Are Right For Your Channel

You may think that uploading more often will get you more views, which would mean more ad revenue. Following that logic, every channel should upload a new video every day. However, this, unfortunately, isn’t a path to success for every creator. Daily uploads only work well in certain cases; in others, they can be detrimental to your channel’s success.

Here’s how to decide if daily uploads are right for your channel.

Compare your average view count to your subscriber count.

First, look at the number of subscribers you have. Then, compare that number to the view counts on your most recent uploads. If they’re close, then a majority of your subscribers are watching all of your uploads. This is a good indicator that daily uploads would do well on your channel. If a lot of your subscribers are watching all of your current uploads, then it’s likely that they’d be excited for more frequent uploads.

However, if there’s a significant difference between your average view count and your subscriber count, then daily uploads would probably drive more of those subscribers away. Instead, you need to focus on how to get more of your core audience engaged with your content again. Try looking back at your most popular uploads from previous years to pinpoint what’s changed about your content.

Compare your videos’ performance during their first twenty-four hours to the first week and month they’re live.

With daily uploads, your video’s performance will solely depend on its first twenty-hours. You won’t be promoting your most recent uploads for more than a day because you’ll have a new video to upload. The way your videos are performing on upload days now will be a good indicator of how your daily uploads would perform.

Use the new video comparison feature in Channel Analytics to see how your videos perform during the first day, month, and week they’re live. If your videos tend to get the majority of their overall views during their first twenty-fours hours, then your daily uploads would likely perform well. However, if your videos tend to get the majority of their viewers over the course of a week or more, then daily uploads could lower your average view count significantly.

Conduct a poll to see if your viewers would be interested in daily uploads.

Your data is a good predictor of your audience’s behavior. However, it can’t tell you exactly how they would feel about daily uploads. Only your viewers themselves can tell you how they’d actually feel about daily videos on your channel.

You can gauge how your audience would feel about daily uploads by conducting a poll. Post a poll on your channel’s community tab community tab, since this is where your most engaged viewers will be. You might also pose the question on your YouTube stories.

Experiment with a special week-long series.

No matter how much your audience is interested in daily uploads or how well they might do on your channel, they won’t be a viable option if it puts too much of a burden on you. Creating daily videos requires a lot of work in order to maintain the same standards of quality your viewers have come to expect. Before you commit to daily uploads, you need to do a test run.

Experiment by doing daily uploads for a week. Instead of changing your upload schedule officially, treat it as a special week-long series. Then, you’ll be able to see how daily uploads would affect your workflow and time management as well as your view counts.

Overall, the final decision as to whether or not daily uploads are right for your channel comes down to you. A secondary vlogging channel or TikTok videos are also viable options for creators who want to make daily monetized content.

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