How YouTube Made This American Idol Contestant A Music Star

Adam Lambert tried out for American Idol in 2009 and made it as a runner-up. Since then, Adam Lambert has gained fame and notoriety because of his increasingly flamboyant confidence. He has broken through the music world and made a name for himself. He attests his fame to his YouTube presence and not giving up.

Here’s how YouTube made Adam Lambert a music star.

1. Originality is a key component to being popular.

Lambert became popular because his music was quite original. In an interview, he explained why he liked making music his own. He felt that having originality made him unique because he likes being brave and opening people’s eyes.

This video shows Lambert’s originality with a popular song.

2. Pushing the envelope in performances brings attention to your music.

When Lambert performed the American Music Awards in 2009, he debuted his single “For Your Entertainment”. This performance caused an outcry amongst people because he kissed a male bassist. He explained that he pushed the envelope because women have been doing it for years. It was time that men should not be afraid of being daring with their sexuality and stance.

This video shows the shocking performance

3. Making music that has a personal meaning to you helps fans relate yo your lyrics.

Adam Lambert’s videos on YouTube are very personal for him. His music videos show a lot of passion, and the lyrics show a real passion for his craft. One of his videos speaks to his duality as a singer and someone who is depressed.

This video shows the personal nature of his music.

Adam Lambert became an internet star quicker than he rose to popularity on American Idol. Music is a form of entertainment that has continued through centuries. YouTube is a way to reach out to the masses and share it with the world.

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