Why This Song Was An Instant Hit

The rap group Migos has been around since 2009. Unlike other groups from eight years ago, they have continued to change their style of music and grow their fan base. To start 2017 the right way, they released a single. It’s called “Bad and Boujee,” and it’s hard to escape wherever you go.

Here is why Migos’ single “Bad and Boujee” became an instant hit.

1. The base is fantastic.

The isn’t a song without great lyrics, nor is there a song without a great baseline. When this song comes on, the first instinct is to turn it up because the baseline is solid. It’s the first thing people hear beside the catchphrase said at the beginning that is able to draw in new fans. A good baseline or beat is essential to having an instant hit.

Without the word, this track will still make you dance.

2. The hook is catchy.

The word ‘boujee’ has been in the black community for decades. It explains a person who believes he or she is too fabulous for the ghetto. No one has talked about being boujee in a song recently, yet it is so catchy. The phrase “rain drop, drop top” is phenomenal as well. Even though most people have no idea what it means, it was a good selection of words for the hook.

In this video, everyone goes wild for this legendary hook.

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3. The artist chosen to feature delivered an amazing verse.

Being in the 2016 freshman class spread for XXL hasn’t gained this artist a lot of recognition as it once would have. Lil Uzi Vert was chosen to feature on this track with hopes he would add something different to it. Fans have loved his part. The combination of the beat drop and his lyrics make it hard for fans not to like this feature.

This is a video reaction to Lil Uzi Vert’s verse.

4. The song has become a symbol of power.

The song features a number of large name brand clothing lines. Donald Glover received an award for his show ‘Atlanta’ and mentioned the song in his acceptance speech. “Bad and Boujee” has become synonymous with fame and fortune. Most people are chasing some sort of success in their life, and this song provides inspiration to do great things.

In the lyrics and the images shown in this short video, you can see why this song is linked to success.

A video posted by Migos (@migos) on

5. The video was able to complete the artist’s story.

Artists are trying to tell a story with their music. If they weren’t, there would be no reason to make the song in the first place. The video shows girls who are dressed in designer clothes, but they are still eating ramen noodles and shopping at the liquor store. The video was able to provide a much needed visual for this instant hit.

Below is the video for “Bad and Boujee.”

Migos has given the world a great song to start off 2017. They are currently touring and looking to make more music in the future. One piece of advice from their hit single: be “Bad and Boujee” in every aspect of your career. By knowing what made this song an instant hit, your next song could be even better than this one.

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Tia Burton studies Communications, Spanish, and Creative Writing at the University of Michigan. She enjoys watching movies and traveling and will be spending a semester abroad in Argentina.

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