How Willow Smith Is Becoming A Music Icon

Willow Smith is a 16-year-old music artist and mode1, who is on the rise to become an icon at a very young age. With her free-spirited demeanor and “not afraid to be different” mentality, it won’t be hard for her to reach a level that many artists aren’t able to scope.

Here’s what Willow Smith has done to get on the path to becoming an icon.

1. Her first single couldn’t miss.

Music fans knew that Willow Smith was bound to be a star when her first single “Whip My Hair” debuted. Her success increased instantly as her song reached the top of the charts. She was only ten years old when she was beating out artists and groups such as Blacked Eyed Peas, Rihanna, and Beyonce. This was only the beginning of a new upcoming star.

Check out the song that put her on the map.

2. Willow Smith is a fashion guru for the new generation.

After her early success, it was time for Willow to put a stamp on her brand. Over the years, she’s signed a modeling contract with The Society Management, which is Kendall Jenner’s modeling agency. This opened doors for her to do shows for well-known fashion designers, including Marc Jacobs and Coco Chanel, which she is currently the new face of. It’s only a matter of time before Willow branches out and evolves into something her fans haven’t seen before.

Here’s a video of Willow Smith in the new Coco Chanel eyewear campaign.

3. She’s very influential on her generation.

Willow didn’t play into the cute child perception. She had a plan to do something different even though she’s young. It changed the way her audience looked at her.

Willow is letting kids and teens know that it is okay to be different and not to settle for what society thinks the normal teenager should look like. She wants her generation to know that you should express what you want because that’s how you become one with yourself.

Check out this video on Willow Smith and her brother speaking about creativity.

Willow Smith is an up-and-coming artist and model who will soon be topping the charts again. Follow these tips to get on the path to becoming a music icon yourself.

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