How This Music Video Got 170 Million Views

In the past decade, viewers have seen many creative musical artists that have changed traditional genres. Whether it is mixing musical instruments into different genres or someone adding unusual vocals, music has changed drastically. One such artist is Lindsey Stirling who, combined with a violin and dubstep beats, has managed to create wonderful music. “Crystallize” is one of her most popular songs.

These are the reasons why Lindsey Stirling’s “Crystallize” received over 170 million views on YouTube.

1. She showcases her unique talents.

Lindsey Stirling is a talented musical artist who has managed to gain a significant following. She is a violinist and a dancer who uses her talents to produce excellent musical instrumentals. Lindsey Stirling initially appeared in the public eye on America’s Got Talent and captivated audiences. After America’s Got Talent, she started to work on her own projects, such as having tours and putting together music videos on YouTube, which has resulted in her massive fanbase.

Below is Lindsey Stirling’s audition for America’s Got Talent.

2. Her charisma and personality shine through her work.

Lindsey Stirling not only has the talent for her music, but she also has a certain personality and charm. She often has a different mood for each music video she uploads, and it gives a certain tone to the music. She often is cheery and goofy, which is uplifting to many fans. Her personality has won her over a diverse fanbase across the globe.

Below is an example of Lindsey Stirling’s charm in a music video dedicated to the video game series Zelda.

3. She incorporates dubstep beats.

What also makes Lindsey Stirling unique is that she uses a popular genre of music known as dubstep and combines it with the violin, which makes her performances unique. She managed to create her own brand of music by combining two separate and different styles of music together. Her music utilizes electronic synthesizers for the dubstep portion with an individual responsible for those beats producing it while she utilizes her skills as a violinist.

Below is Lindsey Stirling’s “Crystallize,” which is a clear example of this mesh of two different styles of music.

These are the various reasons why Lindsey Stirling’s video for “Crystallize” is popular on YouTube. Lindsey Stirling’s talent as a violinist and dancer combine with her own positive personality has gained her a large fanbase across the world.

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