How This YouTuber Combined Two Genres To Create A Popular Series

Andrew Rea’s series “Binging With Babish” has been rising in popularity. His last four full-length videos each reached around a million views, and his subscriber count just hit 500,000.

Why is this series so successful?

1. The show combines two genres.

“Binging With Babish” is all about cooking food from movies and tv shows. Two of the most popular genres on YouTube are cooking/food and movies/tv. By combining the two and creating a series around it, Rea has made something original that satisfies a varied audience.

2. Rea keeps in contact with his fans.

Andrew Rea contributes a lot of his success to Reddit, and in February 2017, he hosted an AMA on the site. He wound up getting a ton of requests for future episodes, and he even said that the highest voted suggestion would be the subject of the next video.

He kept his word and made the famous ratatouille dish from “Ratatouille.”

3. The show takes full advantage of trends.

The first time the show hit the trending list was when Rea recreated the fried chicken from the show “Louie,” which at the time had just released its fifth season on Netflix. More recently, he recreated the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, which has been in the spotlight since being repeatedly mentioned in the first episode of the third season of Rick & Morty.

This video hit the front page of Reddit and got 1.5 million views in less than a week.

4. This chef has chops.

Apart from the humor and references, Andrew Rea is a skilled chef. His knife work, plating, and ability to create recipes when there is little to go off of in the clip make this more than just an amateur production.

The few mistakes he makes show that he does the recipes in one go, and that’s pretty impressive for a YouTuber.

“Binging With Babish” is on the rise, and it’s largely because of the host’s commitment to the subject and his audience. Knowing your subject matter and opening up to fans suggestions are the difference between 100,000 and 1.5 million views.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s in the kitchen cooking up something good.

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