How TPS Created Videos With Millions of Views

Total Pro Sports, known online as TPS, is one of the leading sources for sports fans to debate about their favorite teams. Known for their top ten lists, TPS incorporates fan participation to fuel their content. Although they mainly focus on the NFL and NBA, there is something that all aspiring YouTubers can follow to make their own great channel.

1. Make lists.

Lists are consistently the most clicked-on form of content for internet users. When numbers are applied to posts, they seem easier to digest. Whether a content creator is using writing skills or making videos, the list format is user-friendly.

TPS uses their top ten lists to talk about a variety of subjects in sports. YouTubers should find topics that they are passionate about and present them in list form.

2. Bring unknown information to users.

Many viewers come to YouTube channels because they want to be educated on something. It doesn’t matter whether someone is learning about sports, politics, or cooking; people want new information.

TPS does their homework on athletes and presents unknown information on them. Vloggers should study about something relevant to their channel and surprise viewers eager for new information.

3. Include the fans.

If YouTube channels are engaging enough to gain an audience, it is important to make fans feel like they are part of the creative process. Empower viewers by having them make important choices when it comes to content.

TPS often uses suggestions from the comments section to dictate which videos they make next.

TPS consistently creates new videos, bringing information to viewers that want to know more about the sports world. Be an expert and provide insight in areas that viewers are curious about. Once the homework is done, present content in the most intuitive way possible. Lists are a great way to keep information accessible. Apply TPS’s strategies to a new vlog and see the view count multiply.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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