How The Unknown Vlogs Turned a Streetwear Obsession into Views

The Unknown Vlogs is a YouTube channel run by a UK university student with a love of street fashion. His channel is dedicated to showing off his style, as well as searching the streets of London for fellow fashionistas. In less than two years, he has earned nearly 35,000 followers.

Whether a vlogger is looking to make a fashion-based channel or not, there is a lot to gain from studying the Unknown Vlogs.

1. Have a creative editing style.

When a viewer watches a video from the Unknown Vlogs, he or she realizes that there is a particular editing style that gives the videos a specific energy. The videos inter-splices hip-hop beats with conversations overheard in lines for clothing.

This editing style gives the Unknown Vlogs a signature feel. Every vlog should have an editing style that mirrors its subjects.

2. Be in touch with a subculture.

Sometimes building a blog around something universal like entertainment is harder to break into than something more specific. Finding a niche audience like the Unknown Vlogs has done is better for gaining views than taking on a broad topic.

The Unknown Vlogs turned to London street fashion and found a following. Vloggers should separate themselves by focusing on something distinct.

3. Reveal an environment beyond the vlog.

Adding to the subculture element, not only does the Unknown Vlogs appeal to a specific subculture, he reveals it. Viewers look through his lense of London.

From the people to the shops, the Unknown Vlogs gives viewers a sense of place. Once viewers become attached to the environment and culture surrounding a vlog, they will be more likely to come back for another visit.

Vlogging should be a fun way for YouTubers to express what they are interested in. There are plenty of subcultures that have gone unsung on YouTube, and it is up to vloggers to let viewers into their worlds. Edit videos in a fun way and present an interactive finished product. Maximize potential by taking notes from what vlogs like the Unknown Vlogs have done right.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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