How Dorkly Appeals to Pop Culture Fans

One particular YouTube channel, Dorkly, hosts many videos that cater toward the interests of pop culture fans. Whether you love video games or films or any other kind of entertainment, Dorkly will discuss it and satirize it.

There are actually several things you can learn from a video channel like this.

1. Know about popular culture.

You live in a time where pop culture and online media have combined to bring together many fans. The millions who subscribe to Dorkly come in for the videos that cater to their interests.

Any aspiring YouTubers should know about specific pop culture, such as superhero movies to bring in fans who love superhero movies. They could also specialize in a wide variety of culture (i.e. anime, Disney movies, Star Wars, etc.) so that all kinds of fans will flock to their channel.

2. Satire is the best form of humor.

Videos that contain any kind of humor are more likely to bring in even casual fans and internet users. Fans of pop culture like to see their favorite work rendered in a humorous way without being too insulting.

Dorkly manages to make their videos discuss pop culture or create humorous skits based on whatever work they notice, such as the film Batman v Superman, which was released this year.

3. Know what the fans want and give it to them.

People who subscribe to your channel will likely find one kind of video that they are most interested in. There will likely be comments about it even on your other videos and demands for more of those kinds of videos to be made. Dorkly hosts a series called Pokemon Rusty, which is a satire of the popular video game franchise.

Demands for more of those kinds of videos got to the point where they chose to bring it back after years of not updating the series. Listening to your fans is important.

Dorkly is a YouTube channel that caters to pop culture fans. Despite it being a collaboration of a group of individuals, even solo YouTubers wanting to create their own channel can learn from Dorkly as well.

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