How Tove Lo Took Over Pop Music

Swedish pop singer Tove Lo has taken over pop music with her edgy, abrasive lyrics and catchy beats. Although she seemed to come out of nowhere, the 28-year-old has been contributing to the music industry and evolving her sound for years.

Here are some ways that Tove Lo took over pop music.

1. Learn how to write songs.

After she decided to pursue a career in singing, Tove Lo decided to learn how to write as a way to make money. This broadened her capabilities as a musician and allowed her to dip her toes into the industry. Her writing skills have helped her singing career take off. Write your own songs to get one step ahead of other singers.

2. Get other jobs in the industry.

Tove Lo has written songs for many artists other than herself. By offering your skills to other musicians, you can create a network and a positive reputation. Take any chance to contribute to musical projects to extend your experience.

3. Find a way to do what you want.  

After a few years of writing songs for other artists and being in a band, Tove Lo realized that she wanted to be a solo artist and sing whatever she wanted. She challenged the standards of a “role model” and now sings about messy heartbreaks and getting drunk or high.

Although she’s different from the image of a “pop star”, her fans relate to her realness. Tove Lo broke through the standards of pop music.

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