How To Build an Emotional Connection with Your Subscribers

As a content creator, it’s important to connect with your subscribers. Follow these tips to build an emotional connection with the people who love your videos.

1. Post regularly.

Give yourself a schedule. Posting regularly will give subscribers something to look forward to. Once they start to miss you, you’ll be right there with an update. Even if your video seems sad or not too interesting, it’s something, and it will give you an opportunity to connect with them.

In this video, KittiesMama gives an update on a recent injury that has nothing to do with her cats!

2. Share adversity.

If you’re going through something that’s unfamiliar and seems peculiar, chances are someone else on the net has gone through it already. Use those circumstances to connect with those who can relate.

In this video, Dan updates viewers on his broken hand. Even though he can’t play Minecraft, he still keeps his subscribers updated on what’s going on.

3. Be honest.

If you’re feeling frustrated and don’t want to talk, tell them. If you’re feeling depressed or annoyed, tell them. Your subscribers are there for you. If you aren’t comfortable talking openly with them, it will show. You should be transparent with your supporters.

Here is a video that Daniel Powter made about a bad day.

Social media has made the world smaller. In order to make a difference, you have to connect with your audience. Keep in touch with those who support you, share your struggles, and be honest about your issues. It may seem hard now, but in the end, it will help you gain a loyal following.

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