How To Use Your Channel To Launch A Product

Many successful vloggers have become entrepreneurs as well, growing businesses out of their channels. Marketing videos can teach you a lot about marketing products, so it’s no surprise that so many YouTubers have such a head for business.

You can use your channel as a launching pad for your own product. Here’s how to get started.

Align the product’s branding with your channel branding.

As an influencer, your personal brand and your company’s brand are one and the same. Everything you create exists, in a way, as an extension of who you are, because who you are is your main selling point.

Therefore, your product’s branding should align with your channel branding. This may include giving your package design the same aesthetic as your video background or naming your product after a saying your viewers hear a lot on your channel. Overall, the purpose of the product should align with your channel’s goals. A beauty vlogger marketing an eyeshadow palette will likely be more successful than a gamer selling wellness supplements.

One of the best examples of channel branding aligning with product branding is beauty guru Jeffree Star and his company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The brightly colored, luxurious packaging of his makeup products pair well with the aesthetic of his channel.

Market towards your viewer demographic.

Advertisers often design their campaigns to target specific demographics. As a vlogger, you can reverse engineer this success by designing a product that will appeal to your viewer demographic. Use your channel analytics to find out more about who’s watching your videos.

For example, longtime beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook has an audience of young adults, as compared to the newer beauty vloggers whose viewers are predominantly children. Therefore, she has the right audience to market her own wellness supplements towards.

Feature your product in videos.

To show your viewers how well your product will integrate into their daily lives, be sure to feature it casually in your videos. Use your own product to replace the t-shirt, palette, or hair dryer you usually reach for. By seeing you use your own product more often, your viewers will be able to picture themselves using one of their own a lot.

Grav3yardgirl’s viewers know all about her love of hair dryers. So, after she created a hair dryer of her own, she started using it in her “Can It Curl?” series.

Send product samples to your influencer friends.

Finally, get the word out about your new product by sending samples to your influencer friends. Think of it as PR packages instead of sponsorships. If they like it, they may feature it on their channels, but they’re not getting paid to do so. In turn, be willing to feature your friends’ products or merch on your own channel.

Baker Rosanna Pansino designed her own line of kitchenware. She sent some of her measuring cups to her friend AmazingPhil, and so he used them in one of his videos.

Having an established audience gives you the perfect opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Use your channel as a launching pad for the product you’ve always dreamed of creating.

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