How To Start Uploading A New Video Every Single Day

Uploading a new video every single day may seem daunting, but plenty of content creators use this method to maximize the number of views they’re getting. Here are a few steps to take if you want to start uploading new content daily.

1. Film several short videos in one day.

Shane Dawson’s subscribers often comment about the infamous green shirt that he seems to wear in most of his videos. However, Shane has explained to his viewers that he often wears the same clothes in subsequent videos because he films several in one day. That way, he has content ready to go without having to actually film a new video every single day.

When you’re ready to start uploading daily videos, plan out a few simple video ideas that you can film in one day. If you take one day to film and another to edit, then you can focus on a more complex video the rest of the week.

Here’s one of the videos Shane filmed on the day he wore the green shirt.

2. Keep your edits simple.

Joey Graceffa can bang out new videos like clockwork. To keep the ball rolling, he uses simple edits such as time lapses and jump cuts to make his videos flow together quickly.

When you’re filming and uploading a large volume of content, keep your edits relatively simple. Short and simple daily videos don’t require the kind of special effects a bigger video may need.

Joey’s simple edits literally get the ball rolling in this video.

3. Create several video series.

Lisa Schwartz uploads a new video every day Monday through Friday. Each day is dedicated to a different video series. For example, Wednesdays are “Trying Girly Products” and Thursdays are “Reality Shows Exposed.” She periodically tries out new ideas for video series to keep her subscribers interested.

By choosing a different video series for every day of the week, you’ll never run out of content ideas.

In this new video series, Lisa discusses scandals around popular television shows.

4. Ask for viewer input.

YouTube sensation RiceGum decided that in 2017, he wanted to upload a new video every single day. However, he wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. To get a better idea of what his subscribers wanted in his daily videos, he simply made a video to ask them about it.

Before you start uploading daily content, get a feel for what your viewers want. Ask them on Twitter or in the comments section of a video what kind of content they’d like to see from you more often.

Watch RiceGum’s video about uploading daily below.

Uploading daily content is no small feat, but it’s one you can accomplish with these simple steps.

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