How This Channel Gets Over 100,000 Views On Nearly Every Video

UK creator Emma Blackery has been active on YouTube since early 2014, and since that time, she has seen little but success. Nearly every one of her 261 videos has reached over 100,000 views, with some reaching as high as 4.7 million.

Here’s how she does it.

1. She adds a touch of sarcasm to every video.

It’d be a nearly impossible task to find a video of Emma’s without a quick, mocking remark. Her eagerness to add just a hint of satire to nearly every topic adds a great deal of comedy, which has not only drawn viewers in but also kept subscribers coming back for more.

If you’re not a sarcastic kind of person, try simply letting your own personality shine through for a bit, as opposed to pretending to be someone you’re not.

Watch Emma’s parody of what it means to be “girly” below.

2. She makes her viewers feel nostalgic — kind of.

Emma frequently applies her sarcastic nature to her ultra-popular nostalgia videos that almost everyone can relate to. By covering topics such as childhood sleepovers, or your first social media page, Emma ensures that she’s discussing things her audience can identify with, before turning it completely on its head with her unique sense of humor. This duo of empathy and witty banter keeps the audience entertained and the view count rising.

Check out Emma’s take on “The Sleepover Problem” here.

3. She pokes fun at herself.

Whether it’s highlighting other people’s criticism of her or personally pulling up an old photograph of her more awkward years, Emma has not shied away from mocking herself and her quirky habits.

While it may be intimidating to make yourself vulnerable in such a way, fans appreciate the humor, and they are often quick to hit subscribe.

Watch the video titled “RECREATING THE WORST PHOTO OF ME EVER” here.

Keeping a YouTube channel active is one thing, but making sure it stays popular is another. Emma has used her personality to her advantage in multiple ways and found her place within the YouTube world. Follow in her footsteps to boost views on your next video and begin your journey towards becoming a YouTube celebrity.

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Kelsey Leaman is a senior at American University in Washington D.C. studying Economics and International Studies. She is passionate about writing, Lemonade, and Michelle Obama.


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