How to Spot a Music Scam

There are thousands of companies that prey on aspiring musicians. Here are 6 red flags to recognize a music scam.

1) They ask you to pay them money after just meeting you such as, membership fees, service charges, or small upfront payments.

2) They guarantee amazing returns or results. They will often tell you stories about other clients who made impossible gains through them.

3) They are really vague about who they are and what exactly they do. If they explain to you for ten minutes and you’re no closer to understanding how they work.

4) They ask you to provide confidential information such as social security numbers or personal bank account information so they can transfer funds.

5) They tell you feel-good things to make you trust them. ex: “We usually require a third meeting but we were so impressed with you that we decided to make you an offer today”

6) The offer is limited and they won’t let you think about it. They’ll want you to sign or pay right at that moment.

Many music scams are pyramid schemes disguised as career opportunities. Scammers that target you have likely scammed someone before so search their names or the businesses they represent. Make sure you look at the bad reviews, as some scammers will try to hide their info with fake good reviews.

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