The Down and Dirty on Securing Sponsorships

Today’s music industry is in a peculiar situation where record sales are diving while cash is floating out of businesses faster than ever. Here’s a guide on preparing and securing sponsorship deals so you can get in on that cash flow.

1) Choose your targets – Before sending any sponsorship proposals you need to decide which companies to pursue. A good principal for choosing targets is to go for companies you genuinely care about and whose products you use rather than the biggest fish in the sea. This way your genuine passion shines through when the time comes to write a proposal.

2) Convince them with a proposal – Time to unleash your inner salesperson. Here’s where you persuade a company that its worth their while to help you out. Here’s what that consists of:

1) First explain what you’re looking for in this partnership. Do you need money to fund a tour, musical equipment, or signs and advertisements? Be very specific so there are no disagreements or misunderstandings later.

2) Tell them what you’re bringing to the table. Here’s where you need to sweeten the deal. Offer privileges like their their logo on your flyers, their name on your website, shout outs during live shows, and advertisements on Email lists and social media accounts.

3) Showcase your talents. Companies may not know your music already so it’s wise to include a promotional package with your proposal. Include your albums, a promotional jingle or song for that company, and include free tickets to a show or a private demo concert. Make sure to do a shout out to that company if they’re in attendance.

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