4 Ways to Troubleshoot on Social Media

We spend so much time in this blog going over hacks and techniques for expanding social media and musical businesses that we forget to stop and think about the problems that inhibit growth. This post is dedicated to users who can’t seem to kick their social media into gear. Here are 4 ways to troubleshoot your social media:

1) Too much self-promotion or selling – This is the classic social media mistake. If you spend too much time trying to spread your name or sell to fans they’re going to get the impression that you’re selfish and greedy. Show them you care by posting engaging content – pictures, videos, raffle contests, scavenger hunts. Get creative.

2) Boring content – There’s nothing worse than a page that posts boring content or frequently recycles posts. The secret here is to post content that engages users, meaning they like, comment, or share it. Improve engagability by incorporating opinion polls, photo competitions, theme days, sharing new music, and posting gear tours and band member interviews.

3) Infrequent posting – This is a major problem that condemns pages to the edges of the internet. When pages don’t post frequently they fail to show up in search engines. And when they are discovered they turn fans and tastemakers away because they look illegitimate and unprofessional. The solution here is simple: post at least once a day.

4) Posting too often – Don’t be that page that’s spams news feeds. Avoid spamming by simply following these rules: for Facebook post no more than twice a day. Because Twitter posts are real time and disappear quickly they have no limit. On Instagram you can post up to 6 or 7 times a day as long content as content stays fresh.

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