How to Master Email Marketing

Most people have a Facebook profile, a lot have Twitter, and a good chunk have Instagram, but none of these platforms is as ubiquitous as Email – everyone has one! Plus, get this: Email also has the highest return on investment, hovering around $40 made for every 1$ spent. Here’s a quick how-to on leveraging email marketing to your advantage:

1) Compile a list – There is a multitude of ways to compile email lists. One strong technique is to hold merchandise giveaway contests at shows. Have contestants write their name and email down to enter. Use the collected emails as a basis for your list. Another method is to give away something small like a song or pin at the front door of a venue in exchange for emails.

2) Give them perks ­­– Email lists are most effective when participating fans feel special. Make them feel good by giving them exclusive privileges – first access to new songs and albums, deals on merchandise, special updates, and chances to provide feedback and direction on fan surveys. They should have access the inside scoop. Otherwise, why would they be on your list?

3) Start selling – The most successful email lists don’t spam contacts with solicitation. If content comes first fans will be appreciative and happily spend their money on you when you ask. Use emails to give fan alerts on tours and upcoming shows. Include prices and links to venue sites to make it convenient for them. A very subtle, effective technique to prompt fan purchases is to provide exclusive sales for Email list members – 5% or 10% off. This way you can get a subtle advertisement in while still making them feel special.

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