How To Record Great Voice-Overs For Your YouTube Videos

Whether you’re narrating a daily vlog or taking your viewers step-by-step through a makeup tutorial, voice-overs can be an important part of any video. Getting good audio starts with a quality mic in a quiet room. However, recording a voice-over requires a little more work.

Here’s how to capture great voice-overs for your YouTube videos.

1. Place your microphone about a fist away from your mouth.

Recording audio starts with a good microphone. However, if the mic is too close to your mouth, then the audio won’t be clear. If the mic is too far away, the audio you record won’t be loud enough.

In order to know where you should place your microphone, make a fist. Then, extend both your thumb and your pinky finger. The distance from the tip of your pinky to the end of your thumb should be about how far away your microphone is from your mouth.

You should also set the microphone at about chest height and then angle it upwards towards your mouth. This will help improve your sound quality as well.

2. Record when your home is quiet.

Your audio won’t be clear if there’s too much background noise. You don’t need a soundproof room to record your voiceover, but the quieter your space is, then the better your audio will be.

Record your voice-overs when you know it will be quiet around you. Avoid recording during early morning or rush hour traffic. If you have other people living in your house, wait until they’ve left for work or settled into a different room so that there are no doors opening and closing in the background.

You can also help muffle the background noise by recording near carpeting or plush furniture, which absorbs sound. If your recording space permits, you can also hang acoustic panels.

3. Stay as still as possible.

It’s not just your environment that gets noisy. Your microphone may also pick up tummy rumbles, coughs, and tapping fingers. That’s why it’s important that you stay as still as possible while recording your voice-overs.

Make sure that you’re sitting or standing somewhere comfortable when you record. Don’t cross your legs or position yourself in a way that will tempt you to tap your toes. If you tend to tap your fingernails against things, keep something like a pillow or a stress ball in your lap to keep your hands busy while you record.

It’s also a good idea to eat and brush your teeth before you start recording. That will keep your stomach quiet. You may also want to take a few moments to relax and clear your mind before you start recording so that you can stay focused.

Voice-overs are a great tool when it comes to making videos, especially if you’re making a tutorial. Follow these tips to make sure that the voice-overs you record come out loud and clear.

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