How To Set And Meet Your Channel Goals

With the new year here, plenty of people are setting goals in both their professional and personal lives. As a content creator, you have an opportunity to incorporate both sides into the goals you’re about to set. The new year is your chance to revamp your channel and up your content game.

Here’s how to set and meet your channel goals.

1. Establish a strict timeline for yourself.

In the business world, timelines are everything. Employees have to set meetings and meet deadlines. Because your channel is your business, your work ethic should be no different than that of someone trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Start by making a list of your goals for the year. Do you want to save up for a new camera? Do you plan to make your first travel vlog? Are you going to collaborate with a certain number of people this year? Write them all out, and then organize your goals in order of importance.

After you have your goals lined out, it’s time to set some deadlines. Determine how long it will take you to reach each one. Then, set reasonable deadlines for yourself. Plan around holiday travel, classes, events, or anything else that’s already set in stone.

2. Set your daily schedule around that timeline.

Once you have your major deadlines set, it’s time to break it down day by day. The big goals that you plan to achieve can be organized into shooting schedules, location bookings, and meetings with potential collaboration partners.

You should also take this as an opportunity to establish a new daily work routine. For example, if you’re used to filming for two days and putting out a new video once a week, then you could try filming for four days and uploading twice a week.

Treat your content creation like you would treat an office job. Wake up early every morning to get started so that you’re not up editing late into the night. If you dedicate certain hours every day to making videos, then you’ll have plenty of time after work to relax.

3. Keep a list of priorities where you’ll see it every day.

Even if you’re sticking to your schedule and meeting all your deadlines, you can all too easily get burnt out. Many vloggers choose to make YouTube a career because they don’t want the stress and toil of a typical 9-to-5. The best jobs don’t feel like work at all. However, if you forget why you started making videos in the first place, it may start to feel like mundane, boring work.

To keep yourself motivated, create a list of your priorities. Ask yourself why you make YouTube videos. Is it to make people happy? Do you want to teach your viewers something? What story do you have to share?

Hang this list somewhere you’ll see it every day, such as on your fridge or on your mirror. When you read over the list, you’ll remember why you’re working so hard and why you love what you do.

If you want to get a little more creative, make a vision board to keep yourself inspired.

4. Ask your subscribers to hold you accountable.

The videos that you make are just as much for your subscribers as they are for you. Therefore, you should share your channel goals with them, too. You can start the new year or the next month or a random Wednesday afternoon with a video about the plans you have for your channel.

By sharing your channel goals with your subscribers, you’re also inviting them to hold you accountable. Your new goals will give them something to look forward to as well. If you don’t deliver on your promises, then your viewers will remind you to get it done.

Setting goals is the easy part, but meeting them requires hard work and dedication. Follow these tips to take your content creation to the next level.

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