How To Promote Your YouTube Channel On A Shoestring Budget

Every successful vlogger started out small. However, many content creators have built up huge online followings and million dollar careers. Getting to the top can take years of hard work, but through smart video promotion strategies, you can take a shortcut to reaching thousands of new viewers. All it takes is a little bit of time and money.

Here’s how you can promote your YouTube channel on a shoestring budget.

1. Up your social media game.

Using social media is absolutely free. It only costs a few seconds of your time to tweet, tag, post, and update. Therefore, social media should be the basis of your content promotion strategy. The more you post, the more likely potential viewers are to find your content.

Set a goal to update every social media platform you use every day. Retweet and reply to people who post about your videos. Like comments on your Instagram videos, and keep your Snapchat story updated.

In order to lead your social media followers to your YouTube channel, put the link to your latest video in your Twitter and Instagram bios. You can also announce new videos on your Snapchat story and share the links on your Facebook page.

YouTuber Collins Key is a social media king. He follows and DMs fan after every new video. He also has his latest video link in his Twitter bio, along with his other social media profiles.

2. Get involved with other forms of content creation.

YouTube isn’t the only place that people are going for online content. Podcasts, blogs, and forums are other places where social media stars are born. Many YouTubers have crossed over into creating on other platforms as well.

You can easily promote your channel by creating content for different online platforms. For example, if you like to share your opinions, you can launch a podcast related to your channel’s niche on SoundCloud. If you create comedy content, you can start sharing shorter sketches on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re into beauty or DIYs, then a WordPress blog would be fun for you.

Once you build up your audience on another platform, you can convert them into new YouTube subscribers. Write a blog post related to your new video or expand on what the video said in a new episode of your podcast.

British vlogger Louise Pentland started her YouTube channel after building up a successful blog. Now, she continues to update both to keep her online following growing strong.

3. Invest in quality paid promotion services.

Like any business, growing your YouTube channel quickly will require an investment. Entrepreneurs often pay advertisers to help them launch new products. You can launch new videos to a wider audience through paid video promotion.

There are plenty of video promotion services available online. However, you have to be wary of the services that you use. In order to get the most bang for your buck and to protect your channel, only use reliable services that have reviews from real users. Check out this post for more information on purchasing real views safely and effectively.

Promoting your YouTube videos is a smart business move. By investing both your time and money into video promotion, you can grow your channel quickly.

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