How To Protect Your Videos With YouTube’s Copyright Match Tool

It’s not unusual for a company to file a claim against a creator who uses a copyrighted song or picture in a video, but it’s also common for creators to battle against other creators who download then re-upload their original content. Not only does this infringe on your copyright, but it can also impact your views if people can watch the same video somewhere else.

To help protect creators, YouTube recently launched its Copyright Match tool. This new feature enables creators to find full re-uploads of their original videos easily and have the copies taken down.

Here’s how to protect your videos using YouTube’s Copyright Match tool.

1. Upload your videos as normal and let Copyright Match do the searching.

Gone are the days when you had to search for full re-uploads yourself and report them manually. Now, whenever you upload a new video, YouTube will automatically search for already-uploaded matches. This protects you by putting a timestamp on your video so that no one else can re-upload your video and claim it was theirs first.

When it does find a match, the results will appear under the “matches” tab on the Copyright Match page.

2. Determine whether you want to ask YouTube or the other creator to remove the video.

After Copyright Match finds a match, you can go about getting the re-upload removed one of two ways. First, you can opt to contact the person who re-uploaded your video yourself and give them a chance to remove it before YouTube takes action.

However, if your efforts to contact the other creator are unsuccessful, then you can put in a request for YouTube to remove the video. When you request a removal, you can choose to do so with a seven-day delay to give the other channel a second chance to take it down first.

3. Clips still have to be reported through the web form.

The Copyright Match tool is only designed to find full re-uploads of your original videos. If another channel uses clips of your video, then you can report them and request a removal through the copyright web form.

Follow this tutorial if you need to submit a copyright takedown notice on YouTube.

YouTube takes copyright very seriously. The new Copyright Match tool protects creators and their ad revenues by making it easier to find and remove video re-uploads.

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