How To Build A Real Connection With Your Audience

The original YouTube stars grew massive audiences by just being themselves in front of the camera. They shared who they were and their original ideas with millions of viewers. However, as the platform grew, creators strayed from authenticity. Instead, they engineered trend-following productions to grab as many viewers as they could.

After certain incidents and issues arose in the YouTube community over the last few years, several of those original creators have been pioneering online video’s return to authenticity. Vloggers like Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles prove that you can grow a huge audience by building a real connection with your viewers.

Here are a few ways to build a real connection with your audience.

1. Don’t try to make your videos a high-end production.

Some of the biggest YouTubers have entire crews to make their videos happen. However, you don’t need an entire movie crew to make a great YouTube video. Focus on the barebones needs of your filming process, such as a camera, an external mic, and an interesting background.

Shane Dawson’s film crew consists of himself and his videographer Andrew Siwicki. Having such a small team enables Shane to create more personal, introspective documentaries.

2. Create the videos your viewers want to see rather than what’s trending.

Every time a new video trend circulates, creators from every corner of YouTube jump on the bandwagon. However, your viewers may grow tired of seeing similar videos in their subscription boxes. So, rather than worrying about following video trends, use the video ideas your viewers are most excited about.

Jenna Marbles often takes random video suggestions from her audience. Because her style of content is so unique and different, her videos reach millions of viewers.

3. Embrace your past and share your struggles with your audience.

Like all other social media platforms, YouTube can pressure creators with the idea that perfection leads to popularity. However, viewers often think otherwise. If a creator shows no flaws, then how is a viewer supposed to relate to him or her?

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and share your past struggles with your viewers. For example, Niki and Gabi have talked a lot about their past experience with bullying. Recently, they started a video series in which they confronted their struggles.

Building a real connection with your audience will gain you a strong base of loyal viewers. Strive for authenticity and stay true to who you are, both on and off camera.

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