How To Boost Your Income Through YouTube’s New Merch Shelf Feature

Most vloggers don’t just earn money through the ad revenue on their videos. Selling channel merchandise is one of the biggest ways content creators with audiences of all sizes can increase their income.

The latest development in YouTube’s effort to help creators earn more money is its partnership with Teespring through the new merch shelf feature. Channels that meet certain guidelines can display their Teespring merch stores directly under their videos, making this new feature the best way for vloggers to sell their merch.

However, before you can start selling your merch directly from your channel, there are a few steps you must take.

1. Make sure your channel meets all of the required guidelines.

Since this is a new feature, YouTube only made it available to channels in the US. In order to be eligible, you must also be in the YouTube Partner Program. Your channel must have more than 10,000 subscribers and have no copyright or Community Guidelines strikes.

If you don’t meet all of these requirements, don’t worry. YouTube may roll the feature out to more regions in the future, and if you focus on growing your channel, you may meet the other guidelines in a few months. If you’re worried about current strikes on your channel, follow the tutorial below to remove them.

2. Set up your merch store on Teespring.

Before you can utilize the new feature, make sure your merch is listed for sale on Teespring. If your online store exists on a different platform, make the transition to Teespring now. If you’re not currently selling merch, get designing so you can launch your first collection as soon as possible.

You can find videos like this one to help you set up your Teespring store.

3. Enable the merch shelf feature on your channel.

Once your Teespring store is set up, you can enable the merch shelf feature on your channel. First, sign into YouTube Studio. Then, on the left menu, click “Monetization.” If your channel is eligible, you’ll be able to click on the “Merchandise” tab.

From there, follow the onscreen instructions to link your Teespring store to your YouTube channel. If you prefer video instructions, check out the video below.

YouTube’s new merch shelf feature helps creators earn more money by selling products to fans directly under their videos. Follow these steps to enable this new feature on your own channel.

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