How to Properly Utilize YouTube

People who create videos for YouTube may be familiar with the details of posting the video on the website. Just because someone has completed making a video doesn’t mean that one should just automatically upload the website and do nothing else.

There are ways to post videos to one’s advantage.

1. Disabling comments can improve the video.

Some videos on YouTube disable the comments section so that viewers cannot post any comments below the video. This can actually work toward the creator’s benefit because viewer comments can be mocking (when the tone of the video is supposed to be serious) or controversial (causing the viewers to argue amongst themselves in the comment section).

For example, Marble Hornets is a vlog that disables comments to make the videos scarier.

2. Be careful about avoiding copyright.

A common occurrence on YouTube is the deletion of videos that apparently violate copyright laws. These tend to involve posting episodes of TV series or movies without modifying them to the point where the videos could be seen as parodies. It’s safer to post videos based solely on original content or to use clips of shows or movies paired with said original content.

For example, this video includes clips of Terminator 2 while summarizing the movie as an opera song.

3. Being unique draws more viewers.

Given that YouTube holds many kinds of videos, creators should be careful in deciding to post certain kinds of videos. If a creator finds a video that is virtually identical in content and idea or uses the same clips from shows or movies, it may be better if that creator modified his or her video to be more unique. People who have had enough of so many similar videos will gravitate toward the different posting.

For example, this video became memetic for its bizarre parody of a cartoon series, Jimmy Neutron.

In YouTube, being mindful of how a video is posted as well as how the website is utilized is important. It allows the creator to stand out among others and attract more viewers.

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