How Honest Trailers Became the Only Movie Trailers You Need

There are many YouTube videos that deal with reviewing movies, and this has resulted in an incredible mass of the review genre of videos on the website.

Honest Trailers (a very popular segment of the Screen Junkies channel) is a channel that manages to earn at least hundreds of thousands of views in a day through their presentation.

1. They are honest about the good and bad parts of the movie.

Honest Trailers is named because its videos are created in the format of a false movie trailer. It should be noted these videos are created after the movie has been released. Said videos are short, critical, and blunt in describing where the movie went wrong.

Conversely, it also praises the good parts of the movie, especially if the movie was seen as good.

2. Their end segment uses quick and witty humor.

At the end of every video, the Honest Trailer provides the starring cast of characters of the movie. Said characters are introduced with a false and humorous name depending on the character’s role in the movie.

For instance, characters may be introduced with an insult if they were seen as detrimental to the film’s quality or a name similar to the actor playing the character.

3. Fan input is greatly encouraged.

One of the highlights of Honest Trailers is that the fans are closely connected to the video series. They can leave comments on one video that will be read at the end by the narrator of a later video. These comments tend to be the most ridiculous saying the fans can think of.

The creators of the Honest Trailers videos also tend to choose which movie to review next based on what the fans ask for.

Honest Trailers tends to be one of the most popular review videos out there. It also happens to be the most popular segment on the channel it’s hosted on, Screen Junkies. It’s so liked by the fans is because it can be quick-witted in its criticism of movies.

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