How To Promote Your Videos On Social Media

If you want to be an online star, then you’ve got to become a master of social media. Many vloggers are also social media influencers because they know how to promote their videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Here’s how you should be promoting your videos on social media.

1. Share clips of your videos on your Facebook page.

Facebook is a place where many videos have gone viral. To increase your video’s shareability, edit it down into a smaller, more manageable length and upload it directly to your page with a simple description.

Daniel Howell shares his YouTube videos on his Facebook fan page to reach more viewers.

2. Follow or DM fans who share your video on Twitter.

Plenty of fans will jump at the chance to get attention from any social media influencer they follow. Vlogger Tana Mongeau promotes her new videos by asking followers to retweet the links in exchange for a follow or a DM. She’ll even do this several times for the same video thorought the week.

3. Tease your followers with an intriguing screenshot.

Curiosity is a great way to drive traffic to your channel. When Trevor Moran shared this confusing picture of himself and his best friend Ricky Dillon, his followers headed to his YouTube channel to figure out just what was going on in the picture.

LMAO. I turned @rickydillon into me. Click the link in my bio to watch 🙂 ????????

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Social media promotion is the best way to get more views. By sharing snippets of your content and getting your followers to help promote it, you’ll be going viral in no time.

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