How This Country Singer Became A Major Star

Hunter Hayes has been called the Justin Bieber of country music. He’s young, blonde, and talented, but it’s his strong work ethic that truly got him to the top.

Here’s how Hunter Hayes became a major star.

1. He learned how to play several different instruments early in his career.

Before he became a singer, Hunter was a well-rounded musician. He’s only twenty-five and already proficient at more than thirty different instruments. He began playing music on different television shows when he was just four.

2. His talents as a songwriter got him in with a major record label.

Hunter moved from Louisianna to Nashville in 2008. He signed on as a songwriter with Universal Music Publishing Group. After co-writing the Rascal Flatts hit “Play” in 2010, Hunter landed a recording contract of his own with Atlantic Records.

3. He joined a national tour as an opening act.

Hunter’s first major stage shows were a part of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Wolrd Tour. He joined her for ten shows before launching his own headlining tour a few months later.

Hunter Hayes became a major music star by climbing up the industry ladder one rung at a time. If you’re willing to work your way through the ranks, then you’ll be on your way to the top.

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