How This Woman Became A Major YouTube Star

Colleen Ballinger has been creating YouTube content for the better part of a decade. Colleen, however, is better known as her crazy character Miranda Sings. She has almost eight million subscribers on her original channel, and she has about five million subscribers on her personal channel, PsychoSoprano.

Here’s how Colleen Ballinger became a major YouTube star.

1. She created a character that appeals to a wide audience.

Colleen herself is a musician, but she created Miranda as a parody of other aspiring musicians who aren’t as great as they make themselves out to be. Ironically, Colleen’s comically untalented and blissfully unaware character of Miranda sings became a viral video star.

2. She creates frequent videos for two channels.

Colleen puts most of her focus on growing her Miranda channel, but she also creates plenty of great content for PsychoSoprano. By separating herself from her character, Colleen has become a star in her right. She’s able to showcase her skills as an actress and comedian on the Miranda channel, but on PsychoSoprano, she can share a more personal side of her life with her audience.

3. She uses her YouTube success to make money in other media.

Miranda Sings isn’t just a YouTube star anymore. Colleen has been working with Netflix to create Haters Back Off, an original series telling Miranda’s story. The show, which Colleen writes and stars in, is heading into its second season.

She also tours the world as Miranda, playing international comedy shows.

Colleen Ballinger became a major YouTube star by building up an entire world around her original character. By taking Miranda’s show on the road, Colleen grew her presence in the online world as well.

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