How To Promote Your New Video In Under 5 Minutes

Promoting your next YouTube video doesn’t have to take days and days of planning ahead. Here are a few ways to promote your new video in under five minutes.

1. Upload at a scheduled time so that viewers will be ready and waiting.

When you have a specific time and date set to upload every video, then your most faithful viewers will always be ready and waiting. If your subscribers know when to expect new content, then they’ll set aside time to watch your new video when it comes out.

Here’s a video on how to schedule YouTube uploads.

2. Tweet your new video with an original hashtag.

As soon as you’ve uploaded a new video, be sure to share the link on Twitter. You can track the popularity of your video on Twitter by creating an original hashtag to go along with it. Viewers will use your hashtag to talk about the awesome video they just watched, thereby helping you promote it even further.

3. Upload a video clip to Instagram and interact with fans who like and comment.

There’s little subscribers love more than a chance to interact with their favorite content creators. When you post a new video, upload a quick clip or a behind-the-scenes glimpse to Instagram. In the caption, ask your viewers to like and comment on both your post and the new video so that you can like their Instagram pictures and send messages to a few.

Promoting a new video only takes a few minutes if you follow these tips.

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