3 Tips For Creating A Viral Video

Online, it seems like a new viral video is catching fire every second. However, being the one to create that next viral video isn’t always as easy as it seems. Follow these tips to create the next viral video.

1. Use the first random thought in your head to create an epic video.

When it comes to thinking up video ideas, stop thinking. Take whatever random thought pops into your head and run with it. Viewers adore the weird and the wonderful.

When Lucas Cruikshank created the infamous character Fred, he wasn’t trying to start an entertainment career. Rather, he was just a kid with a camera who wanted to post a funny video on the internet. He rolled with the first character idea that popped into his head.

2. Take an internet challenge to the extreme.

Participating in a challenge is an easy way to create a viral video. Whenever a new challenge starts, viewers will be searching for as many new videos as possible. To get even more views, take it to lengths no one else has.

When the “100 Layers” challenge swept across YouTube, Jenna Marbles took it to the extreme with one hundred coats of foundation, false eyelashes, and liquid lipstick.

3. Create a crazy list.

List videos are all the rage right now because they’re easy to digest and fun to watch. Viewers love to learn new facts or check out a pop culture-related ranking.

Lilly Singh has created plenty of viral list videos. By breaking types of people down into categories, she’s created something that any viewer can relate to.

Creating a viral video requires one good idea and one giant risk. Follow these tips when you’re ready to become an internet star.

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