How Lady Gaga Put On A Stellar Super Bowl Performance

On Sunday, February 5, at Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga put on a half time performance that will not be soon forgotten. Full of fun, glitter, and flying, she pumped up the ground and put on a spectacular show with all of her biggest hits.

Here are ways she made it a great performance.

1. Her entrance was memorable.

In order to make perform a spectacular Super Bowl halftime show, the artist’s entrance has to be one of the best parts. They must do something that will immediately pump up the crowd, and Lady Gaga did just that.

Standing at the top of Houston’s NRG Stadium, she sang parts of “God Bless America” followed by diving off and ‘flying’ down to the stage.

2. The whole concert was full of energy.

Diving onto the stage means nothing if the rest of the concert is not full of energy and pumps up the crowd. Luckily, Lady Gaga did not disappoint here either. She put on a 13-minute show full of perfectly choreographed dancing, large shiny clothes, and glitter.

She was having a good time, the dancers would into it, and the viewers got the show that they were hoping for.

3. She sent a message without making a controversy

Though in no part of her performance did Lady Gaga make any outright political statements or make a huge, well-noticed message, but that does not mean her show was not sending one. The show spread the message of unity between all people.

Lady Gaga quoted the Pledge of Allegiance saying “One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” while also being surrounded by several dancers of all genders and races.

Lady Gaga put on a great halftime show by just being fun and having energy. Her entrance was memorable, her performance was entertaining, and she shared a message true for everyone.

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Patrick Jahnke is a college student at Wabash College. He hopes to be a writer and professor after he graduates.

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