How To Plan Your Work Day As An Influencer

As someone with a social media career, you probably enjoy working on your own time. However, in order to work productively and efficiently, you should establish a set schedule or routine. Then, you won’t be as tempted to procrastinate, and you’ll feel motivated to prioritize the responsibilities that come with the job.

Here’s how to plan your work day as an influencer.

Designate “office hours” for yourself.

Set parameters for your schedule by designating a specific timeframe as your “office hours” every day. It doesn’t have to be the standard 9-to-5. You can choose your hours based on when the other people you live with go to work, the time you prefer to wake up in the morning, or whenever you feel the most awake.

You should also establish a work week that suits your needs. For example, if you enjoy having weekends off, then you might give yourself the standard Monday to Friday work week or a Tuesday to Friday one. However, if Saturday is your upload day, then you might choose Tuesday to Saturday or Saturday to Thursday.

Organizing your to-do list in a descending list of importance.

Creating a to-do list will help you keep track of everything you need to get done for the day. Organize your tasks in a descending order of importance, starting with the most important things and ending with the least important things. Then, complete your tasks in that order.

It’s also important that you create a to-do list that works for you. Maybe you’d prefer to use an app or create a document on your computer instead of using a pen and paper. You could even put a whiteboard or chalkboard in your home office. You might even use a combination of different options for different tasks, such as writing daily goals on paper then putting your weekly goals on your whiteboard.

Use a digital calendar to mark important dates and send reminders to your phone.

Analog planners and calendars are great tools for time management. However, if you lose them or simply forget to look at them, then you can easily overlook an important meeting or deadline. Therefore, you should make use of a digital calendar as well.

Unlike a planner or calender, your phone is something you look at everyday. Enter all of your meetings, deadlines, event dates, or anything else that goes on your schedule into your Google Calendar or a similar planner app. Check the settings to ensure you’ll get a push notification for every item on your calendar.

As an influencer, you’re in charge of your own schedule. However, by creating a daily routine, you can increase your efficiency so that you can create more and better content for your audience to enjoy.

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