Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Clips

From YouTube Live to YouTube Shorts, the platform is continuously innovating new ways for you to create content. The latest tool to enter the beta testing phase is YouTube Clips. It’s a short video creation tool that’s distinct from Shorts and Stories.

Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube Clips.

A Clip is a 5-60 seconds-long highlight reel from an existing video or live stream.

Think of Clips like the highlights during a sports game. When an athlete makes a great play, the commentators will pause the game to replay that moment. They’ll hype up the moment to get the fans excited. The same highlight may even be replayed on the news or shared on social media to celebrate the athlete’s success.

Like a Short, a Clip can only be up to a minute long. However, unlike a Short, a Clip isn’t made from scratch. It’s basically a highlight reel created from your existing content. Clips can be made from any preexisting video or live stream on your channel.

Both you and your viewers can create Clips.

To create a Clip, first sign in, navigate to the video you want to clip, and click play. Then, click on the scissors-shaped Clip icon under the video. Drag the slider to select the part of the video you want to include in the Clip.

Give your Clip a title then click on the “Share Clip” button. You can share it on social media, email it, embed it, or copy the link. If you don’t want your viewers to be able to create Clips of your content themselves, then you can select “Don’t allow viewers to clip my content” under the advanced settings in your YouTube Studio.

The feature is still in beta, so it isn’t available to everyone yet.

Like most new features, YouTube Clips will undergo beta testing before it’s fully rolled out to users across the platform. YouTube is experimenting with a small batch of creators so they can work out any issues with the feature early on. This way, by the time it reaches most creators, it should run fairly smoothly.

To see if you’re part of the beta testing, simply check under any video for the Clip icon. If you don’t see that little pair of scissors yet, then rest assured that you’ll be able to unlock the feature as soon as it’s ready. For now, you can share your video highlights by editing short clips manually with your video editing software of choice.

YouTube Clips are a great tool for sharing highlights from your videos. Once you have access to this feature, use it to engage with your audience in new and creative ways.

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