How To Decide Which Editing Software Is Best For Your Channel

Editing is the most important part of making a video because it’s where everything finally comes together. Maybe you’re ready to start uploading videos that aren’t just single takes, or maybe you’ve decided to try editing your own videos instead of hiring a professional editor. No matter what the case is, you’ll need to choose the right editing software to suit your needs.

Here’s how to decide which editing software is best for your channel in a few easy steps.

Start by considering your skill level.

First, assess your own skill level when it comes to editing videos. Make a list of which editing software you have experience using. Also include how much experience you have with each one as well as how comfortable you feel using them. For example, did you work with Adobe Premiere in a previous job, or do you only know it well enough to pass a media class you took in high school? If you don’t have experience with any editing software, then write down a few you’d like to try.

Then, determine how much you want to develop your editing skills. Are you happy with cuts and transitions, or do you want to add more complex effects to your videos? How would you go about learning more about each software? Consider how much time (and money, if you were to take classes) it would take to get your skill level to where you want it to be.

Next, consider your budget and your channel’s needs.

The price of video editing software can vary pretty wildly. Some, such as iMovie for Mac and Movie Maker for Windows, are completely free and usually come pre-downloaded on your computer. However, more professional editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, require a monthly subscription.

You also need to take your channel’s needs into account. If you want to splice together clips from your travels, then the free software might be all you need. However, if you want to add more transitions, graphics, audio bytes, and other effects, then you might lean more towards a professional-grade editing software.

Finally, make sure you have the proper equipment to run the editing software.

Every editing software has a different set of requirements when it comes to the equipment it needs to run. Think of it like this — an iPhone 5 may keep working for years, but at a certain point, it won’t be able to update to the latest iOS anymore. Therefore, before you download a new editing software, you need to make sure your computer meets its specifications.

It’s also important to note that certain laptop models, such as Chromebooks, aren’t able to run any editing software whatsoever. If your current laptop can’t download the software you need, then you might consider holding off until you can replace it. Alternatively, you could look into video editing apps on your smartphone.

The right editing software for your channel will be the one that accommodates your skill level and budget as well as your channel’s needs. Choose wisely and challenge yourself to improve your editing skills.

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