How To Plan Sponsored Videos Brands Will Love

Sponsored content is a great source of income for vloggers of every level. However, creating sponsored videos comes with a different set of challenges than your typical content does. Whenever you make a sponsored video, it has to be approved by the brand as well as meet your own set of standards. With proper planning, you can easily create a sponsored video that both you and the company are proud of.

Here’s how to plan sponsored videos brands will love.

1. Incorporate the brand into the video in a unique way.

Oftentimes, in a sponsored video, the vlogger will dedicate a minute or so to talking about the sponsor before moving on to the main content of the video. However, brands will be more likely to work with that vlogger again if their products or services have been integrated into the video in a unique way.

For example, when Chupa Chups Airheads sponsored one of her cover videos, British singer Dodie used the candies they sent her to create adorable stop-motion animations.

2. Keep it advertiser-friendly.

The company you’re working with will not approve the sponsored video you’ve created if it doesn’t reflect the image they want to uphold. As a good rule of thumb, stay within YouTube’s guidelines for creating advertiser-friendly content. Avoid strong language, mature themes, and controversial topics in your sponsored video. Find out more about making advertiser-friendly content in this post.

Basically, sponsored videos should be suitable for a general audience. For example, when AmazingPhil partnered with Tinder, he shared innocent “dating emails” from his childhood rather than opening up the dating app.

3. Stay true to your typical style.

Finally, it’s important that your sponsored videos don’t feel out of place with your other videos. Think of a unique way to integrate the sponsor into your video, but don’t go so far out-of-the-box that it feels completely foreign to your viewers. Find the middle ground that appeases both sides.

For example, the creator behind Maqaroon uploads mainly crafting tutorials and product reviews. So, when sponsored one of her videos, she filmed one that was both a review of their clay and a craft tutorial using it.

Most of the time, sponsored videos have to be approved by the brand before they can be uploaded. Follow these steps in the planning stage to make a sponsored video the brand will love.

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